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RI Crime Prevention Association (RICPA)

The Rhode Island Crime Prevention Association (RICPA) is a membership consisting of both citizens and police officers. The Association was originally formed to assist police officers in their crime prevention duties. RICPA opened its doors to citizens in 1988 and has made a firm commitment to building partnerships between police and citizens to prevent crime in Rhode Island. In 1990, RICPA welcomed businesses related to crime prevention to join the Association as corporate members. You may access their web page at www.ricpa.com.

The Public Safety Grant Administration OfficeÕs Crime Prevention Coordinator acts as liaison at quarterly Association meetings to inform its board and membership of state funding and crime prevention related educational events. RICPA sponsors crime prevention fairs, conferences, and seminars in conjunction with the PSGAO to provide networking opportunities and to bring the crime prevention message to the citizens of Rhode Island. RICPA meets quarterly, and meetings are held in all areas of the state. Meetings provide a forum for both training and exchange of information. RICPA is a chartered corporation under Chapter 7 of the General Laws of Rhode Island.

2000 Trainings

The Rhode Island Crime Prevention Association (RICPA) sponsored the following training sessions in 2000:

  • Gangs in Our Neighborhood - March 2000
    The workshop was presented by Lt. John Reis, (Ret.) Providence Police Department, at Roger Williams University. Information was provided on gang activity in Rhode Island, how to recognize gang members, and identifying gang signs, habits, and activities. Approximately 62 persons attended the training.
  • Community Policing/Problem Solving - May 2000
    RICPA provided this training workshop to discuss Community Policing issues as well as Problem Solving strategies. The session was held at Roger Williams University in Bristol, and instructors included Officer Denise Owens, Narragansett Police Department and Officer William Fitzgerald, Newport Police Department. Approximately 85 persons attended the training.
  • Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms - July 2000
    Agent Joseph Riehl presented this workshop to discuss the roll of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and FirearmsÕ roll in the US and itÕs communities. Topics included Firearms Trafficking, Gun Control, Gun Licensing, and Explosives. Approximately 46 persons attended the training.