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Staff Organization

PSGAO Staff and Assignments

Name Grant Assignments Phone Email
Thomas H. Mongeau Administrative Manager 401-222-4493 Thomas.Mongeau@psga.dps.ri.gov
Gina Tocco Grants Assistant 401-222-4497 Gina.Tocco@psga.dps.ri.gov
Elizabeth Gilheeney Juvenile Justice 401-222-4494 Elizabeth.Gilheeney@psga.dps.ri.gov
David LeDoux Byrne/JAG, J-Link, VAWA

401-222-4495 David.LeDoux@psga.dps.ri.gov
Gail Pereira Crime Prevention, Byrne/JAG,
RSAT, Project Safe Neighborhood
401-222-4496 Gail.Pereira@psga.dps.ri.gov
Joseph Persia VOCA 401-222-4498 Joseph.Persia@psga.dps.ri.gov

PSGAO staffers administer specifically assigned grant programs. Each of the federal/state grant programs require many administrative activities that include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • liaise with and staff the appropriate advisory committee(s);
  • develop and submit program plan and application;
  • develop RFP (request for proposals) and sub-grant application; review submitted applications;
  • present advisory committee recommendations to the Policy Board;
  • create sub-recipient databases; craft grant awards and distribute;
  • create and maintain sub-grant files;
  • liaise with fiscal administrator to process sub-grant payments;
  • monitor and evaluate programs/projects via both desk audits and on-site visits;
  • prepare annual program progress reports;
  • provide administrative support/technical assistance to sub-recipients;
  • perform grant closeout and audit procedures; and
  • other various requirements unique to the various programs.

The Public Safety Grant Administration Office has dramatically enhanced its planning and coordinating service to the criminal justice community since reorganizing in 1994 when the agency's staffing level was increased from four to eight. Additionally, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 created a host of new federal initiatives for which the agency is now responsible. A Grants Assistant was added in July 1999. These appropriate staffing levels have allowed program personnel to seek out and administer new grant programs, plan and implement many statewide training sessions and conferences, as well as to disseminate more discretionary grant information to prospective applicants.

In 1994, the Public Safety Grant Administration Office administered five grant programs at a total of $2.9 million, resulting in the awarding of approximately 125 sub-grants. Currently, the agency handles ten to twelve grant programs averaging nearly $10 -12 million annually and producing over 200 annual sub-grants. The number of grants and the amount of money may vary from year to year depending on the federal emphasis such as violent crime, juvenile delinquency and prevention, the need for improved access to criminal history information, domestic violence programs, victim's rights or information technology.